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'E6000 Glue' Earring Fixer!

Oh Hey Lovely

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'E6000 Glue' Earring Fixer!

If you've got a huge handmade earring collection like myself, over the years accidents can happen. Whether you've dropped one or the earring post has come off. Dig out that stash of broken earrings 'cos they're going to grace your ear lobes once again.

This is the glue that the pro's use. It's industrial strength adhesive, that dries with a kind of silicone feel so it's still got some movement and not snap off. This is just a teeny 7.2g tube which will get the job done. Made in the USA.


Important: Use in a very well ventilated area only, make sure the surfaces you're gluing together are clean (scape off any old glue) apply to the surface and leave to dry for 48-71 hours. Voila! You're done. Any excess glue can be cut/scraped off.

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